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The art workshop ARHETIP® manufactures hand-painted, unique lamps made of wood, that are antique in looks and classical in style. The lamps are a product of an artistic creation and the known phenomenon of the archetypal past imbued in us.

The wood for lamp stands is carefully selected from the variety of noble woods in stable faze which guarantees the quality durability. Colors used for base painting are from the range of classical painting dyes and pigments.

Finishes are done in matte and glossy versions and don't require much maintenance. At costumer's request, bases can be coated in shellac.

Brass parts are built in the base and are additionally patinated to match the overall appearance of the lamp.

The lampshades are made of all kinds of decorative materials suitable for application by plastic foil laminating or by manual stitching, depending on the shade or the desired effect.

The workshop also deals with restorations of old lamps and shades of all types.