The art workshop ARHETIP® manufactures hand-painted, unique lamps made of wood, that are antique in looks and classical in style. The lamps are a product of an artistic creation and the known phenomenon of the archetypal past imbued in us.

The lampshades are made of all kinds of decorative materials suitable for application by plastic foil laminating or by manual stitching, depending on the shade or the desired effect.

Based on their own, hand-painted lamp stands, Arhetip belongs to artistic craftsmanship and as such is a member of the Old and artistic crafts of Serbia.

You can be certain that something is a product of artistic craftsmanship, by the sign of stylized creative hand, which was set as the symbol a long time ago by the Ministry of economy.


Records are as old as wood and man. Records made with anything, like a trace of a moment, or records made with tools and colors, as one's tendency to beautify the reality we live in: be it fence, spindle, pipe, furniture, or iconography.


Dry wood smells of incense and Arhetip of turpentine, oil, paint, rosin, tea and old lace. Lamps smell of it all, spiced with the scent of vanilica biscuits served in Rosenthal cake trays, as well as the scent of coriander in exotic coffee blends for those who do not drink the Lipton tea at five.